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Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Family

At Buds and Branches Photography, we are all about family. Capturing those memories that you and your loved ones will be able to share forever is our main priority, and with this in mind, we have focussed on four main types of photography; Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Family.

We also offer two special packages; Buds and Branches Cake Smash and the Watch me Grow package for baby's first year.

All our photoshoots last between 1-3 hours depending on different factors.


Pregnancy is a journey that is full of exciting changes, dreams and beautiful beginnings.

As your bump grows and you start to feel those flutters of tiny hands and feet, you will count down and plan for the big event where you will meet your baby.

At Buds and Branches Photography we are passionate about freezing that moment for you, to look back on as you hold your newborn baby, and to cherish for many years to come.

From the moment you walk in to the studio, we will do our best to create a calm and relaxing environment so you can quickly get used to your new surroundings and be comfortable in front of the camera.

Once the shoot is over, we aim to have between 40-60 images uploaded to your private viewing gallery within 2 weeks. Once you have chosen your images, you will be informed within 2 weeks when they are ready for your to receive.

Our Maternity sessions are all about you, so feel free to tell us what you want, and we will always do our best to cater to your needs.


Newborns are such beautiful and mesmerising little things. From the moment we see them, we are drawn into their gorgeous little faces, and many times find ourselves wasting hours of the day just staring at them.

It's such a shame and incredibly unfair that the newborn stage passes by so fast. In no time at all they are no longer those tiny little people you could fit in your arms and you wonder how the time went so fast.

We believe it is our job to keep those memories close to your heart for as long as possible, and we want to work with you to photograph your newborn and create stunning art that you will be able to hold on to forever, and eventually even pass down to your children when they are older.

From the moment you walk into our studio for one of our newborn sessions, you will be greeted with soft calming classical music, along with an airy and light atmosphere to put you and your newborn at ease.

We will photograph your newborn in a variety of poses on bean bags and in a range of props. If you have any special teddy bears or props that you would like to incorporate into the shoot, then we encourage you to bring them along and we will do our best to use them.

After the shoot, you will be able to view 40-60 selected images from your own private viewing gallery, where you can select which ones you want.

Once selected, we will have your final images ready to send to you within 2 weeks.

Come and get some stunning images of the most precious thing in your life with us here at Buds and Branches Photography.


Baby sessions can be so much fun and full of interesting and hilarious moments. During that first year, your little ones will develop their own personality and with every week that passes, they will surprise you with something new again and again.

We want to help you capture some of these moments and show stunning images that really capture your baby's personality, smiles frowns and funny faces alike.

During the baby shoot, we do our best to make baby comfortable and happy, working with you, the parents, to give them a sense of safety and make them feel content.

Once the shoot is complete, we will have 40-60 images uploaded to your private viewing gallery for your to choose which you want. Once you have chosen, your final images will be sent to you within 2 weeks.

Baby photographers agree that capturing these little people is one of the most rewarding jobs available. Let us work with you to get some beautiful art on your walls.


For us, family is the pillar of our lives. Nothing is more important, so we take it very seriously when we are commissioned to photograph families. Whether it's two parents and a child or 5 children being photographed as a present for someone special, we will always take every step we can to ensure you have beautiful pictures to cherish.

The photoshoot will take place at our home studio, where you will always be greeted with a smile and immediately made to feel comfortable and at home. From the calm and quiet music playing in the background, to the light and spacious feel, we do our best to create and environment that evokes a feeling of serenity.

The photoshoot will include pictures of your children individually and with siblings, then photos of you and your children together. If you have certain ideas that you have seen and would like us to incorporate, you are more than welcome to let us know and we will do our best to add them in.

After the shoot your photos will be visible in your own password protected viewing gallery, where you can choose which you want. This will be available within 2 weeks.

Once you have chosen your pictures, they will be available for you within 2 weeks, fully edited and ready to post or download.

Bring your loved ones together with our family photoshoot and lets create something beautiful.

Cake Smash

Cake smash has become incredibly popular over the last few years. The first year of your baby's life goes by so fast and before you know it they are turning one! Their first birthday will only ever happen once in their life, so why not make it a wonderful experience by doing a cake smash session.

Our Buds and Branches Cake Smash package takes place in our home studio in Shepperton, Surrey. Our extra long backdrops will be fitted with beautiful bunting and decorations that are in line with your favourite colours or themes.

We provide a gorgeous hand made sponge cake, topped with butter cream and created to your specifications and allow your little one to utterly destroy it in a session full of humour, mess and pure fun!

After the shoot, we provide a bath session at the request of the parents in which we fill a small tub up with warm water and bubbles and take lovely natural photographs of your baby getting squeaky clean. We will then finish off the session with some photographs of baby in a towel to capture that pure and innocent essence that makes babies so magical.

After the shoot, images will be available to view in your private viewing gallery on our website. From there you can choose your images and we will get to work on post production.

From then, you will receive your pictures within 2 weeks.

Our Buds and Branches Cake Smash is a wonderful experience for baby, but even more for parents!

Watch me Grow

This special package is designed to give you a real heart warming gift and along with several small presents along the way.

With the Watch me Grow package we will capture your beautiful baby as a Newborn (within 10 days of birth), at around 6 months, and again at around 12 months.

After each session you will receive 5 fully edited professional digital images with digital print release. At the end of the final session, we will ask you to choose 3 of your favourite images and we will then professionally frame them in a stunning Trinity Frame for you to hang on a wall or stand on a side.

The Buds and Branches Watch me Grow package is great value and without a doubt, the most wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one.

Additional Information

  • All packages are also provided with low resolution, low file size digital images for you, free of charge, to share on social media.
  • All purchased digital images are print released and provided in high resolution allowing the customer to print them as they wish. They are also stored in a password protected gallery for 2 weeks for the customer and their family to download.
  • If the customer is unsure which package they want, they can book the photoshoot, which has a £50 holding deposit. A package must be selected and paid for at least 7 days prior the photoshoot. The photoshoot will not  be able to continue and the deposit forfeited if the full fee is not paid before this time.
  • Photos will be uploaded to our website for proofing within 2 weeks of the photoshoot.